Studio Manager

Sandy is the studio manager and has been dancing ballroom for 9 years.

When Sandy started dancing 9 years ago, her intent was to take 6 to 8 lessons in preparation for a family wedding.   She was tired of missing out on the fun her children and others were having dancing.  Sandy soon discovered dancing as a way to make new friends and expand her social opportunities. In addition, learning to dance provides physical and mental challenge; essential elements to staying young and healthy.

After about a year, Sandy was introduced to ballroom competitions.  She has enjoyed traveling to competitions across the country, dancing in beautiful ballrooms, “playing dress up” with sparkling gowns, meeting well known dancers, and having a network of competition friends.  Sandy competes Pro/Am with Charlie (she’s the amateur part) in American Rhythm and Smooth.  She has previously competed in International Standard/Ballroom.

As Studio Manager/co-owner, Sandy applies her many years of project management experience to coordinating activities in the studio and student participation in competitions.  Outside the studio, she’s a project management instructor.


Dance Director/Instructor

After playing in school and Community Theater, Charlie’s love for Entertaining and Dancing continued through college in the country and swing social dance arena.  Eventually after being laid off from his computer programming job, he landed in Rochester Minnesota, where he started as a teacher.

Along with his dance career, Charlie also worked for the popular local DJ service “Music On Wheels” where he got to round out his Entertainment and Dance knowledge.  After several years of teaching there he moved to the Twin Cites Metro, where he continued to Teach for Fred Astaire. In 2013 he left Fred’s to re-pursue his computer career.   Over the next two years the computer store Sandy and Charlie had started kept getting interrupted by the “call of the dance”, and eventually rather than try to split their efforts, they decided to convert the store into a dance studio, and in 2015 DE Studios was born.  Now he enjoys getting to teach, train, and dance as the co-owner of studio.



We have several teachers, consultants, and partners in the Metro Area and around the country and are often looking for people to add value to and enhance our business.  If you know someone who is involved in interested in Ballroom Dance and would like to work or contribute to this industry please call the Scheduling number and set up an appointment with Charlie.

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