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Mambo evolved from a fusion of danzon, son and American jazz. Danzon has its origins from Europe (chamber music) and African/Haitian drum rhythms. Danzon is the freer more spontaneous version of “Danza” which came to Cuba in the 18th century as “Contradanza” from Spain which came from “Contredanse” at the French Court in the 17th […]

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East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing came from Lindy Hop which was the original dance to swing music. Swing music came from New Orleans in the form of Jazz. In the 1920s, Jazz migrated to big band format made up of elements of ragtime, black spiritual, blues and European music. Big band Jazz such as Duke Ellington, Ben Pollack […]

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Ballroom rumba is a sensual dance to romantic music. It evolved from “Son” and “Danzon” which comes from Cuba. “Son” is a modified version of Cuban rumba along with other African influences. Cuban rumba is a folkloric dance performed to a fiery orchestra of drums and came to Cuba in the 16th century with the […]

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Cha Cha

This is a fun, flirty dance that grew out of the Cuban Mambo and became immensely popular in the United States in the 1950’s. It consists of triple chasse steps (cha cha cha’s) and rock steps. Cha Cha originated in Cuba and evolved from a slow version of Mambo called “Triple Mambo” or Mambo with […]

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Bolero is often called the “Cuban Dance of Love” and is believed to have evolved from Afro-Cuban and Spanish folk dances such as the Danzon, Beguine and Fandango. Originally it was danced in its classical form, to the constant beat of drums. Danzon is the freer more spontaneous version of “Danza” which came to Cuba […]

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